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Owner name: Bruce C. Address: 155 Queen St E Mississauga, ON , L5G 1N2 Phone: +1 905-891-0200 Fax: +1 905-891-0200 Website: Description: Woodcastle Homes is one of the premier Muskoka cottage and boathouse builders that people turn to when they want an idyllic retreat to this picturesque location. As Muskoka's most trusted cottage builders, we custom design your cottage to your exact tastes and specifications from a traditional old Muskokan to a new contemporary design. With our comprehensive Design and Build services, you can own one of Muskoka's best cottage plans and design. We will build your dream Muskoka cottage, helping you through every step of the process. If you already have a Muskoka cottage and boathouse, we can help you with any large-scale renovations to both the interior and exterior, so that you can transform the old cottage into one that matches your personal vision of perfection. Muskoka Boathouse Builders Woodcastle Homes also offers building beautiful Muskoka boathouses. When you build on the water, you want a gorgeous design that complements the lovely natural surroundings, and you also want sturdy, reliable structures. We offer exceptional boathouse construction, with all of the latest bells and whistles such as maintenance free docks, boat lifts, etc. When you are ready to start constructing the ideal Muskoka retreat, contact Woodcastle Homes Ltd. We have a strong team of Muskoka Home Builders with decades of experience, and we can help you build your custom home. We are also local, and can connect you with other team members, including the best architects and designers in the area, who can help you realize your dream for the perfect custom Muskoka cottage. Year Found: 1990 Number of Employee: 10+ Payment Method: Cash and Cheque Operating Hours: 7:30-6:00 Monday to sat


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